1. Established functional, organizational and management structure for the implementation of project activities and successfully implemented project.

2. Identified existing condition and development possibilities of the eco-production in the cross-border area with focus on the medicinal and aromatic plants production (sector MAP).

3. Established structures as a supporting platform for agribusiness development - AgriBusiness Innovation-Educational Centres ABIEC (one in CRO and one in B&H).

4. Improved target groups’ capacities by educations, know-how and participating in local fairs.

5. Established eco-production stakeholders’ association in the VSC (CRO) and cross border cooperation amongst AgroMAP network (BiH) and SMC Network (CRO).

6. General public informed about implementation of the project activities and possibilities to increase local incomes by using natural resources on the eco-suitable principles.



Program of Pre-Accession Assistance IPA, component II Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013


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