Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers Zepce was founded in 1999 as a non-profit organization. The founders of the Association are businessmens of Žepče municipality. The Association operates on the principle of voluntary membership of legal persons-entrepreneurs, individuals, unemployed women, young people and others who want to work together to create a favorable business environment in Zepce, and beyond.

The office is located on the premises of the Business Incubator in Zepce area of approximately 130 m2. It works and operates in the area of Zepce, and if necessary of projects in other municipalities.

Local development agency Vjeverica Ltd. Drenovci is established on 25. October 2011 as a local support infrastructure specializing in enterprise development, rural development, preparation and implementation of EU and national projects, to attract investors and improve the investment climate.

LDA Vjeverica Ltd. Drenovci is a place where entrepreneurs get all the information related to the onset and development of their business enterprises or trades, in order to promote small and medium enterprises and the competitiveness of the economy.

Municipality of Drenovci is local government unit, which includes settlements Drenovci, Djurici, Posavski Podgajci, Racinovci and Rajevo Selo. It is located in the western part of Srem, that is in the southern part of the Vukovar-Srijem County, the so-called Spacvanski bazen. Neighboring municipalities are Vrbanja and Gunja. Nearby is the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (border crossing Gunja – Brcko District), and Serbia (impassable borders Strošinci – Jamena). The municipality has 7.424 inhabitants, covers an area of 200.02 km2 and is located in the area of special state concern.

Municipality of Teslić is located in north part of Central Bosnia with total area of 846 square kilometers. The municipality includes 58 settlements and according to data from the last population census in 1991 has nearly 60,000 residents. In Teslić, among other economic sectors there is highly developed tourism due to geographical features, cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Faculty of Agriculture is a part of the University of Osijek and one of its oldest members. On October 18, 2010 it's been half a century of its existence.

As addition to organizing undergraduate, graduate, professional and postgraduate studies, the basic activities of the Faculty represents scientific research, primarily in the biotechnical scientific field and in the scientific field of agronomy.

Development Agency of Vukovar-Srijem County HRAST Ltd founded in 2007 by its only founder and owner Vukovar-Srijem County is aiming at the economic and overall development of the County.

The primary mission of the Agency is implementation of the Development strategy of the County, improving and coordinating existing development activities and development planning in accordance with the Strategy of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union requirements.

Elementary school "Ivan Meštrović" Drenovci is an independent school with no regional departments. The school is located in the village Drenovci, municipal center, that has approximately 3,000 inhabitants. Within the school there is operating pupils' cooperative DREN with its 4 sections: a) eco group, b) eco-gardeners, c) skilled hands and d) medicinal herbs.

There are 1,416 m2 of the closed school premices and approximately 14,200 m2 of playgrounds, orchards and lawns, where is located the plantation of lavender in the schoolyard.



Program of Pre-Accession Assistance IPA, component II Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013


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