Project management ensures a quality internal communication between the project partners. During the meetings are discussed the implementation of all project activities, plan for future activities and also the problems encountered or with whom one can encounter and how to avoid them or overcome.

Document „Situation analysis and development possibilities of eco-production with focus on the MAP sector including Action Plan“ was created with the aim to point out the advantages of organic farming of MAP plants, which provides the ability to created higher added value compared to conventional production, and the same was presented at a two-day conference in Drenovci on 16 and 17/04/2016 and in Teslic on 18/03/2016.

Adapting premises, purchase of equipment for Agribusiness Innovation and Education Center (ABIEC) office and the purchase of equipment for processing used by the target groups to increase the added value of products. The experimental production of medicinal plants is used for the development of new technology and knowledge.

Organizing workshops for target group members in order to improve their knowledge, skills and capacity of SMEs, associations, cooperatives and final beneficiaries. There were organized theoretical interactive workshops, such as a9 workshop on eco production, b) herbs farming and processing, c) networking and business cooperation and d) PCM (project cicle management). In adition there were organized study visits to Zepce and Sisak in order to introduce the target group members with a practical method of cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants.

There is established the Association of organic producers and other interested stakeholders in the Vukovar-Srijem County aiming to gather legal entities and individuals involved in the area of sustainable agricultural production and processing as well as marketing of agricultural products. There will be constant exchange of information, knowledges and experiencesregarding organic production among the members of the Association.

Local SMEs, family farms, cooperatives, crafts, associations in the sector of agribusiness and their products are promoted at two trade fairs: a) 42. International fair of agriculture and food inductry (Plum fair) in Gradačac (B&H) and b) 20. Health fair in Vinkovci (Cro).

Promotional materials are used for dissemination of the project's information, activities and its results. There is created official web-site of the project for quick and easy access to the all relevant information related to the project ECO FOOD_TURA.



Program of Pre-Accession Assistance IPA, component II Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013


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