The Association ECO FOOD_TURA on 14/10/2016 has submitted action under the name "ECO GALOP" to an open call of Foundation Slagalica for financial support in civil actions within the available resources of the National Foundation for the extended decentralized model of financing the development of civil society in 2016.


Summary of action: Promotion of local resources and opportunities for exploitation of the same through the production of syrups and teas of medicinal herbs and presentation of the products obtained in kindergartens, schools and the general population of citizens.


Total amount required for the implementation of the action and requested from the Foundation amounts to 12.870,48 HRK.

The Association ECO FOOD_TURA on 23/09/2016 has submitted project under the name DODO Akcija (Društveno-Okolišna Dohodovna Održivost) to an open call for proposals by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development for the promotion of social entrepreneurship in the framework of the Operational Programme "Effective Human Resources" 2014-2020 European Social Fund.


Objectives of the project are:

1. The establishment of social entrepreneurial initiatives, with the active involvement of representatives of target groups in the same action.

2. Improved awareness and skills of social entrepreneurship as a model of sustainable local development.


With the association ECO FOOD_TURA, partner in the project is the Local Development Agency Vjeverica Ltd. Drenovci, the total value of the project amounts to 675.240,00 HRK.



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