On 05/12/2016 in Drenovci was signed trilateral Cooperation agreement between Association of entrepreneurs and emploers Zepce-department Agroincubator (B&H), Association "Agrobusiness Innovation-Education Center ECO FOOD_TURA", Drenovci (CRO) and Center for organic production Selenca (SER).

The purpose of this Agreement is capacity development of the Agreement signatories. Expressing the full consent to providing conditions and taking measures for improvement of the process of local economic development through joint activities of all stakeholders.

Cooperation under this Agreement includes development and promotion of joint research, seminars, national and international conferences; exchange of knowledge and information through joint workshops, publications and programs; joint promotions in accordance with the objectives and activities of all organizations; joint organization and implementation of educational programs; development of the programs for cooperation with the industry; preparation of joint proposals for national and internation institutions.

Cooperation Agreement





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Program of Pre-Accession Assistance IPA, component II Cross-Border Cooperation Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013


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